Welcome To Claremont House

Claremont House offers conference and meeting facilities, and serviced office accommodation.

DFL Properties Ltd will ensure that your seminar will be a complete success by providing comfortable air conditioned facilities in the elegant surroundings of our conference room. Claremont House is ideally situated in Lydney, Forest of Dean, with easy access to Gloucester, Bristol and Cardiff.

Conference Facilities in The Forest of Dean

Claremont House based in Lydney, Gloucestershire offers some outstanding conference facilities and meeting space for all businesses. If you are based in The Forest of Dean or Gloucestershire and are looking for somewhere to hold your next conference or meeting then Claremont House is the location for you.

Claremont House is easily accessible from the major motorway networks of the M4 and M5 so for employees or visitors travelling to the event it can be found easily and quickly which is vital to the success of any meeting or conference.

The focal point of Claremont House is the distinctive conference room, which offers warm, air conditioned comfort in a friendly atmosphere.

The conference room features audio/visual and projection equipment for use in your meeting, and refreshments can be provided. The building has disabled access and a stair lift to the conference room on the first floor.

Claremont House also offers serviced executive offices which provide the perfect platform for new or expanding businesses.

The business centre features all of the modern facilities necessary to meet your business requirements. You will be moving into a hospitable environment with a professional and friendly atmosphere where all businesses are keen to interact and help each other.

Claremont House boasts the following facilities:

  • Fast broadband connection
  • Air conditioning and heating throughout
  • Close connections to the M4 and M5 motorways
  • Catering/ kitchen facilities
  • Visual and audio equipment
  • Comfortable and professional meeting rooms
  • Local town centre with amenities within walking distance
  • Disabled access

There are catering facilities available for sandwiches, snacks and drinks helping to make your meeting or conference as comfortable as possible giving your businesses the professional look it needs.

Serviced Offices in The Forest Of Dean

If you are looking to expand your business or maybe start out on your own then an office space will be high on your list of things to do. The ideal space is a serviced office where you quickly set up business on a shorter term lease which gives any business flexibility.

Claremont House located in Lydney, Gloucestershire is the ideal location for any business that is looking to expand or start up. The location guarantees that it is close to Bristol, Cardiff and Gloucester; it is also easily accessible from the major motorway networks of the M4 and M5.

Claremont House provides serviced executive offices for lease, at very competitive rates. The offices enjoy modern facilities, such as broadband internet, air conditioning and telephones, furniture can also be provided if required. Kitchen facilities are available for your use.

The biggest benefit of setting up an office at Claremont House is the friendly, professional atmosphere and the other helpful occupants. With other businesses available there is a great opportunity to network and create good ongoing relationships.

DFL Properties who own the building can offer businesses of any size a flexible lease so you are not tied into a long term contract, something most businesses want to avoid.

There is an abundance of parking available for employees and clients so your everyday requirements are met and visitors can enjoy a simple visit to you which allows you to get on with the task in hand, business.

The Forest of Dean is an area of outstanding natural beauty with historical market towns, Claremont House is very close to the town of Lydney so any amenities required by a business such as a post office, bank and restaurant are just a short walk or car journey away.

There are several businesses operating from the premises currently, these include a website design/development company and a training company.

The Benefits of Having a Serviced Office

If you are starting a business or already own one and are looking for extra office space, a serviced office could well be the answer. Serviced offices have always carried the stigma that they are only for start up business that then moves on once established, this however isnít true. A serviced office can offer businesses of any size the flexibility it needs to carry out its everyday business with ease.

Typically office leases have always been between 10 and 15 years, this can tie a business into a long term lease, serviced offices offer shorter term leases which can aid both small businesses and large national companies who require expansion.

There are major benefits of having a serviced office, these include:

IT Support

Normally within a serviced office area there is an IT department who can handle any issues you have with your computer, broadband connection or telephone line. This means that you do not have to outsource and wait for an IT consultant to come and fix your problem it can be done quickly.

Inclusive Services

Most serviced offices provide broadband, furniture, heating and air conditioning within the lease payments. This can save a business a lot of money during the course of a year. You can of course use any existing furniture you have from a previous office. Having inclusive services like these mean that any problems that arise will be sorted out quickly without incurring any cost to the business.


Many serviced office buildings are newly built and to very high standards, this means that the reception area and offices are modern in design from both outside and inside. Any client coming to your office will be impressed with your professional, modern look which has to be good for business. They are also normally built in both inner city and outer city locations to suit your requirements and cliental.

Meeting Areas and Extended Space

Serviced office buildings also have various meeting rooms which can be hired out by the hour or day. If you are a business already using the building for offices you will find that the extra facilities are normally discounted to residents. This means that any big presentations or meetings can be carried out in a room perfectly sized for your requirements. There are also normally catering facilities that can be provided for sandwiches and drinks.

If you require a larger office space or just a small one to give your new business a professional look, then a serviced office could be the answer. You can find serviced offices in your area by searching the internet or by asking local estate agents.